Ellen M. McVay, Retired

After 27 years with the firm, Ellen McVay has retired, an event that we feel cannot let pass without a measure of public recognition.

Ellen brought extraordinary intelligence, knowledge and experience to her work. She was able to work patiently and effectively with even the most needy clients. Her ability to stare down a legal challenge seemed unlimited. Her door was always open to colleagues and staff in need of any kind of assistance. She was committed to ensuring that her clients’ wishes were thoroughly informed as well as honored. She had a wonderful capacity not to take herself too seriously.

But above all, Ellen exemplified wisdom infused by her faith. In a world typified by materialism and self-interest, Ellen projected a selfless dedication to her clients as well as colleagues, staff and family. So apparent in coloring her work has been a sense of compassion, empathy and concern.

We know Ellen's positive impact on her clients, on her colleagues, and on the culture and working environment of the firm, will continue to be a force for good.

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