Don Freedman spoke on "Caring for Our Parents, Planning for Ourselves"a

posted March 19, 2013

Don Freedman spoke on "Caring for Our Parents, Planning for Ourselves" on March 19, 2013. The focus of his remarks was on planning for long-term care. "Planning for long-term care involves the identification and planned utilization of personal resources, insurance and government benefits in a manner that is consistent with personal values and priorities. Critically, it also involves putting into place alternative means of decision-making in the event of future loss of capacity, to facilitate on-going adjustment and implementation of the plan to address changing financial, personal and legal circumstances, including those related to benefits. Since planning must take into account the extent to which, if at all, preservation of assets for the benefit of a surviving spouse or children, other relatives, or charities, is important to you, planning for long-term care cannot be completely disassociated from estate planning in general." The talk was at Temple Emanuel, Newton, Massachusetts, as a part of its on-going "Seminars for Life" Series.

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